Toshiba Medical CT Scanner

The facilities at the COIFPM include two Toshiba Aquilion medical CT scanners. These CT scanners are one-of-a-kind systems designed for both vertical as well as horizontal scanning of long samples. The scanners incorporate a custom-built, two-story vertical positioning system (VPS), designed by Universal Systems, that allows meter long samples to be positioned vertically during helical… Read More

High Pressure/Temperature Gas Chromatograph

The COIFPM hosts highly specialized gas chromatography equipment for analysis of both liquid and vapor samples. The Agilent GC is capable of analyzing fluid samples from atmospheric pressure up to 3000 psi and a wide range of temperatures. Gases may be analyzed at up to 5000 psi allowing for highly repeatable, live sample analysis during… Read More

Gas Mixing Apparatus

The gas mixing apparatus at the COIFPM uses a high-precision balance integrated with micro-liter precise pumps to mix high pressure and temperature gases. Mixtures obtained from an external supplier can often take months to prepare and can cost thousands of dollars. The current gas mixing capabilities allows proprietary mixtures of gases and condensates to be… Read More


The micro-particle-image-velocimetry (micro-PIV) and planar-laser-induced-fluorescence (PLIF) setup in the COIFPM is a unique machine capable of measuring the velocity field and the concentration (e.g. contaminant mass transfer) in two individual fluids at two different fields of view (FOV), simultaneously. The two fields of view cover the whole-micromodel scale and the pore-scale velocities, each of which… Read More

Macro-scale Core Flooding Apparatus

The macro-scale core flooding equipment at the COIFPM are state-of-the-art, reservoir-conditions multiphase core-flooding systems that includes a nine-cylinder Quizix pumping system (5000 and 6000 series), two compensation accumulators, an acoustic three-phase separator, air-operated valves, differential pressure transducers, Hassler type core holders, and three integrated mechanical convection ovens.  All the wetted parts of the apparatus are… Read More

Interfacial Tension and Contact Angle Apparatus

The high-pressure, high-temperature Interfacial Tension (IFT) and Contact Angle (CA) measurement apparatus was designed and fabricated entirely at the University of Wyoming. The system includes several advanced modules in order to accurately and reliably measure IFT, as well as dynamic and static contact angle. This apparatus is compatible with partially miscible fluids (by a phase… Read More

Miniature Multiphase Core Flooding Apparatus

The core-flooding setup is a closed-loop system designed to perform three-phase flow experiments into micro-scale core samples. The setup is composed of six dual-cylinder Quizix pumps, a miniature custom-built core holder made out of carbon fiber, Rosemount differential pressure transducers, a three-phase separator, compensation accumulators and a mechanical convection oven. All parts of the apparatus… Read More

FEI Heliscan Micro-CT

The FEI Heliscan Micro-CT is a state-of-the-art instrument capable of non-destructive imaging of samples down to 700 nm resolution. The Heliscan incorporates helical scanning technology which allows researchers to obtain artifact-free continuous data sets of very long core samples. This enables imaging of in-situ flow and fluid occupancy within core samples without losing sample area… Read More

Ziess Versa XRM-500 Micro-CT

At the COIFPM, a state-of-the-art high resolution (to 300nm) Ziess Versa XRM-500 Micro-CT scanner is coupled with a three-phase sensitive core-flooding apparatus to perform flow experiments in different samples with various geological and geometrical properties. The system can be used to investigate multiphase flow in porous media, characterize the associated phenomena and finally map the… Read More

Xradia 510 Versa Micro-CT

X-ray micro computed tomography (CT) scanning is a nondestructive technique used to visualize a three-dimensional microscopic internal structure of various samples. In this lab, a state-of-the-art high resolution (to 300nm) Xradia 510 Versa Micro-CT scanner is coupled with a three-phase sensitive core-flooding apparatus to perform flow experiments in different samples with various geological and geometrical… Read More