Dr. Maziar Arshadi

Postdoctoral Research Associate   Room: 223-A Advisor: Dr. Mohammad Piri Dep. 4311 1000 E.  University Avenue Laramie, WY 82071 Email: marshadi@uwyo.edu Phone: 307- 761-0680   Education: Ph.D., Petroleum Engineering – University of Wyoming, USA (December 2017)  GPA: 3.96 B.Sc., Petroleum Engineering – Amirkabir University of Technology, Iran (May 2012)  GPA: 3.95   Research Interests and… Read More

Dr. Sugata Tan

Research Scientist   Room: 1009 (Engineering Building) Principal Investigator: Dr. Mohammad Piri Email: sptan@uwyo.edu Phone: 307-742-6782   Thermodynamicist: Expert in phase equilibria, currently interested in capillary condensation taking place in nanosize confinement of porous media.   Publications: Tan, S.P.; Piri, M., Fluid Phase Equilib. 393: 48-63 (2015). Tan, S.P.; Piri, M., Fluid Phase Equilib. 405:… Read More

Dr. Mohammad Sedghi

Postdoctoral Research Associate   Room: B111 (Engineering Building) Advisor: Dr. Mohammad Piri Email: msedghi@uwyo.edu   Education: B.S.: Petroleum Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran Ph.D.: Petroleum Engineering, University of Wyoming, USA   Research Interests and Area of Specialization: Molecular Dynamics of flow through nano-pores Statistical Thermodynamics Phase behavior of large organic molecules   Current Research… Read More