Director – COIFPM

SER Professor in Petroleum Engineering
Wyoming Excellence Chair in Petroleum Engineering
Thomas and Shelley Botts Endowed Chair in Unconventional Reservoirs

University of Wyoming Dept. 4311
1000 E. University Ave.
Laramie, WY 82071-2000, USA

Office: 260 High Bay Research Facility
Tel: 1-307-766-3922 (Office)
Tel: 1-307-766-3955 (Lab, Mohammad Piri)
Tel: 1-307-766-3958 (Lab, General)

Current Research Interests:

Pore-scale network modeling; three-phase flow in porous media; effects of wettability and saturation history on three-phase relative permeability; direct numerical modeling of pore-level flow; CO2 sequestration and leakage, hysteresis in tight gas reservoirs; asphaltene precipitation and deposition; phase change in porous media (solution gas drive); self-consistent dynamic upscaling.