Doctoral Student of Petroleum Engineering


Room: 4092 (Engineering Building)

Advisor: Dr. Mohammad Piri


Phone: 307-761-9382



MASc. Petroleum Systems Engineering-University of Regina, Regina, Canada

B.S. Petroleum Engineering-China University of Petroleum (East China), Qingdao, China


Research Interests:

Multi-phase flow in porous media

Fully dynamic pore-scale network modeling

Phase behavior study of reservoir fluids

CO2-enhanced oil recovery process


Current Research Project:

Dynamic pore-scale network modeling of multi-phase flow



Gong, Y., Gu, Y., Miscible CO2 Simultaneous Water-and-Gas (CO2-SWAG) Injection in the Bakken Formation, Energy & Fuels, 29(9): 5655–5665 (2015).

Gong, Y., Gu, Y., Experimental Study of Water and CO2 Flooding in Tight Main Pay Zone and Vuggy Residual Oil Zone of a Carbonate Reservoir, Energy & Fuels, 29(10): 6213–6223 (2015).

Gong, Y., Gu, Y., CO2 Simultaneous Water-and-Gas Injection in the Bakken Formation, SPE-175976-MS, SPE Unconventional Resources Conference, Calgary, Canada, October 20‒22, (2015).


Previous Researches:

Experimental study of CO2-EOR in the Residual Oil Zones (ROZs) of Steelman oilfield, Canada.

Experimental optimization of miscible CO2 Simultaneous Water-and-Gas (CO2-SWAG) injection in the tight Bakken formation, Canada.

Equilibrium IFT determination for the Norwegian Ekofisk stock-tank oil–CO­2 system, Canada.

Phase behavior studies for different light crude oil‒CO2 systems (e.g., PVT properties, MMP determination, EOS calculation, and molecular diffusion coefficient determination), Canada.

Identification and characterization of pore throats in waterflooded thief zones, China.

Optimization of CO2- and N2-assisted steam Huff-n-Puff processes in the Nanpu offshore heavy oil reservoir by using CMG STARS module, China.



Training: Phase Behavior Modeling & PVT Creation Using WinProp, CMG, Calgary, Canada, 2013.

Internship: Petroleum Engineer Intern, Daqing oilfield, CNPC, China, 2011.

Geology field trip, Xinwen region, Shandong, China, 2010.

C++ programming practice, China University of Petroleum, China, 2009.


Honors and Awards:

Graduate Studies Scholarship, University of Regina, 2013.

National Inspirational Scholarship, China University of Petroleum (East China), 2010&2011.

University Outstanding Student, China University of Petroleum (East China), 2010.