Optical Microscopy

Therefore, extracting maximum value from these wells requires a good grasp of fundamental mechanisms involved in deposition process. To reach to a better understanding of the mechanism of asphaltene deposition in crude oils and characterize the deposited fractions at ambient and reservoir conditions, we are using different microfluidic and capillary tube configurations combined to high-resolution… Read More

Macro-scale Tomography

All the wetted parts of the apparatus are made of Hastelloy and other corrosion resistant materials. The experimental setup is a closed-loop system that allows fluids to be co-injected into the core at elevated temperatures and pressures. In order to maintain back pressure, a dual-cylinder 6000 Quizix pump is utilized instead of the more common… Read More

Micro-scale Tomography

This advanced technique is currently in use within the petroleum engineering and geoscience community and is used to investigate various aspects of multiphase flow phenomena in porous media. These state-of-the-art techniques are currently in play at the Center of Innovation for Flow Through Porous Media (COIFPM), enabling researchers to overcome the complex challenges in enhanced… Read More