Complex Fluid and Gas Preparation

In order to meet two of these criteria, there must be an accurate knowledge of the reservoir fluids. Such knowledge can only be achieved through either the procurement of fluids directly from the reservoir or the accurate replication of reservoir fluids. Because sampling large quantities of fluids, especially gases, from a reservoir is expensive and… Read More

Interfacial Tension and Contact Angle Measurement

The knowledge of fluid properties and the wettability state of petroleum reservoirs is very important in the upstream processes of the oil and gas industry. Interfacial tension (IFT) is a property of the interface between two immiscible¬†phases. The injection of the surface active agents, surfactants, into the reservoir results in a lower interfacial tension between… Read More

Confined Phase Behavior

In such small pores, where the molecular size of the fluids becomes comparable to the size of the pore, intermolecular interactions between the fluid molecules and the pore wall become large and can alter the thermodynamics of the confined fluid compared to the same fluid in the bulk phase.¬† It is believed that strong attractions… Read More