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Center of Innovation for Flow through Porous Media

The home of Piri Research Group


Center of Innovation for Flow through Porous Media (COIFPM) is the most advanced oil and gas research facility in the world.

It is the home of Piri Research Group (PRG).

COIFPM is located at the High Bay Research Facility (HBRF) of the University of Wyoming.

The HBRF is located at 651 N. 19th Street in Laramie, Wyoming.

The HBRF contains more than 90,000 square feet of high-bay and traditional laboratory space, and affiliated office and meeting areas. The research spaces facilitate research into unconventional oil and gas reservoirs, part of UW’s Tier-1 Engineering Initiative, and will house the COIFPM, Improved Oil Recovery Laboratory, and Geomechanical/Petrology Laboratory. The building also has a Structures Research Laboratory.

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The COIFPM, located in the High Bay Research Facility, is a transformational facility.

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Total Gross Square Feet (GSF)


GSF of High Bay Space


GSF of traditional lab space


GSF of Mechanical support (penthouse) space


approximate design, construction, & project administration costs

The High Bay Research Facility houses some of the most advanced technology and capabilities in the world.


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